Parties in Congress


Elated to secure her first paid political staff position, Bijal Rao is eager to focus her efforts on the election of her candidate to U.S. Congress. However, Bijal's first unforeseen obstacle is her profound and unexpected attraction to their opponent—incumbent Congresswoman Colleen O'Bannon— who is outspoken, charismatic, and openly lesbian.

An even greater hurdle is the subterfuge and pretense that pervades the climate in Washington, D.C., where small missteps are readily painted as major gaffes, and lies are explained away as "in the public's best interest." During the heated campaign, both Bijal and Colleen struggle not to cross the lines of propriety—and perhaps more importantly, their party lines.


Lesbian author C.P. Rowlands says of Parties in Congress, "In today's volatile political atmosphere, where you're a hero when you hate and cheered when you practice incivility, Colette Moody steps up to the plate. This politically smart and savvy book takes everyone to task and spares no one. Set in our modern battleground of political wars, Moody manages to weave insightful political drama with a a tender, sexy love story, a truck load of common sense and drop-dead one liners. I read this and then shared it with some political friends. Because it is so close to things that we have actually witnessed, we laughed until we cried. But it also reminded us of something we often lose sight of in this country's current vitriolic mood. Laughter is a wonderful alternative to outrage and love trumps hate forever." 

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