Seduction of Moxie


New York City, 1931: When wry Broadway actress Violet London and her hard-drinking cohorts venture into a speakeasy the night before she is to board a train for Hollywood, she is floored by sassy blonde singer Moxie Valette, with her sultry tones and curves in all the right places. The ensuing evening of bon mots, shameless flirtation, and illicit revelry is unlike any that Moxie has ever experienced, and she is fascinated by Violet in a thrilling and unfamiliar way.

As Violet introduces Moxie to an assortment of bootleg liquor, cross-dressers, and sex shows, she is deeply saddened by the thought of leaving this vibrant and beautiful woman in the morning—she will somehow find a way to see her again. From Manhattan to Los Angeles, both women’s lives are turned upside-down by separation, unscrupulous motion picture studio executives, self-serving agents, eccentric celebrities, and the collection of hedonistic reprobates that are their closest friends.


Sheryl LeSage of Liberty Press says "This book is hilarious. I snorted and laughed out loud in several places: the dialogue is quick and silly and has exactly the right feel for a story set in the Roaring '20s.

What's fun about this book is the cheap gin, the New York Speakeasies, the well-meaning but air headed roommate, the blowsy landlady, the cross-country train rides, the sexual frustration, and the eventual and quite satisfying end of said frustration. Moody is definitely a writer to watch."

Jeanne Nicholas at Kissed By Venus says "Well, I’m satisfactorily smacking my lips after reading Colette Moody’s homage to a charming historical romance based in the wild 1930’s jaunt-de jour. What a fantastic book! Kudos to the author for her diligence with researching the history and lingo of 1930’s, adding whimsicality with the changes taking place in the sexual race of class and morality of that particular time period, and the superb burst out laughing hysterical repartee that was generated between the characters. Great romance, great plot, great cameos thrown in with happenstance, fantastic backdrops of New York and then Los Angeles, super sweet, sexy, fun, sensuality, and all based in the 1930’s where the author has wrapped the stars of the story around Hollywood’s crème de la crème.

Great book! We want more. We want more. "

The Rev of Lesbian Fiction Reviews says  "Oh, Colette Moody, if I could I'd pay you to write me a short story everyday, I'd get three jobs and risk losing my wife. Well, maybe two jobs and a week or so of sleeping on the couch. I loved your first book but I loved The Seduction of Moxie even more. And I didn't think that was possible... I couldn't put the book down and, at the same time, never wanted it to end. I can't wait until Ms. Moody's next offering. In the meantime, I'll be re-reading The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin. I may post a review for that one, too. Trust me, if you like a hilariously filthy read with a great set of characters - both main and secondary - Colette Moody's work is some that you absolutely DO NOT want to miss." 


The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin


A bold, female captain of the pirate vessel Original Sin (Gayle Malvern), embarks on a ridiculously perilous rescue mission in an attempt to placate and impress a beautiful and semi-willing captive (Celia Pierce). This quest then leads to her search for her father's hidden hoard and a series of battles with mercenaries, as she all the while pursues Celia- hoping that the adventure and romance of the high seas will be enough to outweigh the danger and lawlessness of it.


Lisa Neff of the Chicago Free Press says "Aye. The temperature is steamy. The sun is high. The beach is crowded. And you’ll laugh with each splashing wave on the shore as you read The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody. The Bold Strokes Book is a bold, comical lesbian romance about pirates, true love and Original Sin."

Jean Roberta of Kissed By Venus calls Original Sin "an entertaining hybrid of historical flavor, clever repartee from a vintage romantic comedy, and rip-roaring action (think 1940s pirate movie). Some of the banter between major characters suggests the duets in The Pirates of Penzance."

Richard Labonte of Book Marks says "Seamy port towns rife with riff-raff, the stink of unwashed bodies long at sea and a perilous quest for buried treasure figure in the fast-paced novel, enlivened by nuggets of fact woven through the fiction by the author, a self-proclaimed history buff." 

  • 2010 winner of the Alice B. Lavender Certificate for debut novel.

  • 2010 winner of the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award for favorite historical book.

  • 2010 winner of the Lambda Literary Award for lesbian romance.

  • 2010 finalist for the GCLS 'Goldie' for debut author.

  • 2010 winner of the Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award for favorite book cover.

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