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As anyone who has stood still long enough next to me in line has painfully learned, I am one to ramble at any given opportunity. I present to you some of my magical blatherings, captured in time like a dead thing in amber.

In May of 2011, I agreed to take one of my odd but brief travelogues and narrate it for "Cocktail Hour's Bar Rag" Series. You can check it (and my horrid Frech accent) out here.

In March of 2011, I was asked to appear/mutter nonsensically about Parties in Congress (and any other rude random thing that popped into my head) on the podcast "Cocktail Hour." Feel free to give it a listen and see if you can detect the precise instant in which we all become inebriated. If you succeed, an angel gets its wings.

In September of 2010, I was the featured guest on Lara Zielinsky's wonderful radio show "Readings in Lesbian & Bisexual Women's Fiction." You can hear me babble and pontificate in that episode now, if you like.

Also in September of 2010, was my first mention on "Cocktail Hour," a podcast that centers around novels, fan fiction, and of course, booze. Though I'm not in this episode, they honored me by discussing The Seduction of Moxie. I highly recommend making their shows a habit (making the booze a habit, however, is completely your call).

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