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Best Lesbian Romance 2011 

This collection has my first attempt at contemporary romance, the short story "The Panacea." Issued by Cleis Press, this book has gotten some quite nice reviews.
Romantic Interludes 2: Secrets

This Bold Strokes Books anthology contains my historical short story "Moonlight Serenade." 

Because a blog is too much commitment for me, here are the guest columns I penned for the website Kissed By Venus.

  • To HEA or Not to HEA
  • Of Unicorns and Custard: or Advice for the Disenchanted Reader
  • A Snatch by Any Other Name
  • Let’s Gay Up the Classics!
  • When Is Fiction Considered Lesbian?
  • Interviews 

    One part ridiculous, one part absurd, and two parts self-indulgence. Combine in an ice shaker and garnish with a plastic monkey. 

    Kissed By Venus Interview - From May, 2009. 

    Bold Strokes Books Newsletter - From February, 2009.

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