Hello, weary web traveler. Pull up a chair and scoot your ass on over. I'm not sure exactly how you navigated here- what twisted path you may have taken to arrive at my page, but at any rate, here you are. My third novel, Parties in Congress, was released February 14th, 2011, yet somehow, the world kept spinning (perhaps only barely). 

If you're wondering if this book is for you, know that it's a lesbian-themed romance novel based in the world of Congressional politics and elections. 

My previous works include The Seduction of Moxie, a comic, historical lesbian romance novel that takes place during prohibition, and my first book, The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin, which is my sassy yarn about a lesbian pirate and her rather unconventional exploits.

This website in and of itself is news. Sure, I had a website before... of a sort. It had a lot of animated gifs and music that played when the pages loaded, if that gives you any sort of sense of things. It was as though any moment you'd have seen a link for a Prodigy bulletin board or heard the screech of a dial-up modem attempting to connect to something. Or as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. You get where I'm going with this.

Also, Bold Strokes Books has added The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin to their new
pirate romance e-book bundle, along with A Pirate's Heart by Catherine Friend, and Branded Ann by Merry Shannon. I've never been part of a bundle before- even a bundle of sticks.
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My store on Cafe Press sells (somewhat ridiculous but fun) items that relate to Original Sin, Moxie, and now Parties in Congress (in addition to whatever just cracks me up in general). I have named it "Underpants Jones," after my late panty-raiding dog, who at any given opportunity, would rifle through laundry piles in search of underpants to defile. Follow the link to see my designs.

You can e-mail me at colette_moody@cox.net.

I am a Libra and am particularly fond of the word "douchebag."

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